Get involved

Add a Wildflower Site

If you have a wildflower site you would like to add to the trail, please download the Site Information Form.

Wildflower Trail Information Gathering form

Find a Friends Group

Green Tides has a list of green space volunteer groups in the Adur and Worthing area.

Adopt A Verge

West Sussex County Council is setting up a Community Road Verges Scheme which will enable local people to adopt a verge. For more information contact the Stakeholder and Partnerships Team at

Plant wildflowers!

Bug Life – How to Create a Community Meadow

Creating a Wildflower Meadow in your Garden | Sussex Wildlife Trust
  • A great article by Michael Blencowe of the Sussex Wildlife Trust, documenting how he transformed his modest front lawn into a beautiful wildflower meadow to help support pollinators.
Wildflower advice. | Sussex Wildlife Trust
  • Some general advice on creating and maintaining wildflower meadows and why they are important.
How to grow wildflowers | Grow Wild
  • A step by step guide to growing wildflowers, from planning your patch all the way through to saving seed.

Useful links to learn more

Wildflowers and meadows in the South East | National Trust
  • The National Trust lists sites across the South East where you can enjoy wildflower meadow walks and also includes some information on creating your own wildflower meadow.
Discover Wild Plants | Plantlife
  • A variety of resources to help you identify wildflowers and various other plants and fungi. Also includes information on how to take part in “The Great British Wildflower Hunt” a national event that takes place every Spring and Summer.
Wildflowers | Woodland Trust
  • A selection of wildflowers and plants that thrive in woodland settings.
Pollinators | Buglife
  • A brief outline explaining why pollinators are so important to the environment as a whole and to our overall food security.
Gardening advice | The Bumblebee Conservation Trust
  • General gardening advice to help you support your local bee populations with bee friendly plants, broken down into seasonal planting for sunny and shady areas.
Gardening for bees | Friends of the Earth
  • A useful guide to various ways you can support pollinators in your garden.
Gardening for butterflies | The Butterfly Conservation Trust
  • Gardening advice for attracting butterflies to your garden.