Get involved

Add a Wildflower Site

If you have a wildflower site you would like to add to the trail, please download the Site Information Form.

View the Wildflower Trail Site Information Form Download Form

Find a Friends Group

Green Tides has a list of green space volunteer groups in the Adur and Worthing area.

Adopt A Verge

West Sussex County Council is setting up a Community Road Verges Scheme which will enable local people to adopt a verge. For more information contact the Stakeholder and Partnerships Team at

Plant wildflowers!

Free wildflower seeds will be available in the Adur and Worthing area soon. Subscribe to the blog to be kept updated.

Creating a Wildflower Meadow in your Garden | Sussex Wildlife Trust
  • A great article by Michael Blencowe of the Sussex Wildlife Trust, documenting how he transformed his modest front lawn into a beautiful wildflower meadow to help support pollinators.
Wildflower advice. | Sussex Wildlife Trust
  • Some general advice on creating and maintaining wildflower meadows and why they are important.
How to grow wildflowers | Grow Wild
  • A step by step guide to growing wildflowers, from planning your patch all the way through to saving seed.

Useful links to learn more

Wildflowers and meadows in the South East | National Trust
  • The National Trust lists sites across the South East where you can enjoy wildflower meadow walks and also includes some information on creating your own wildflower meadow.
Discover Wild Plants | Plantlife
  • A variety of resources to help you identify wildflowers and various other plants and fungi. Also includes information on how to take part in “The Great British Wildflower Hunt” a national event that takes place every Spring and Summer.
Wildflowers | Woodland Trust
  • A selection of wildflowers and plants that thrive in woodland settings.
Pollinators | Buglife
  • A brief outline explaining why pollinators are so important to the environment as a whole and to our overall food security.
Gardening advice | The Bumblebee Conservation Trust
  • General gardening advice to help you support your local bee populations with bee friendly plants, broken down into seasonal planting for sunny and shady areas.
Gardening for bees | Friends of the Earth
  • A useful guide to various ways you can support pollinators in your garden.
Gardening for butterflies | The Butterfly Conservation Trust
  • Gardening advice for attracting butterflies to your garden.